My Outlook backup, my exchange provider, and a mess.
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My Outlook backup, my exchange provider, and a mess.

Outlook is acting strange, things don't seem to be where they were supposed to be, etc. When I look at the folder list view in the navigation pane, things become clearer. There are two "top-level" markers, one entitled "Personal Folders" and the other entitled "Mailbox." When I go to my calendar, for example, I have two calendars. One entitled "calendar" one entitled "calendar in mailbox." Similar story with "Contacts."

Oddly, under "Personal Folders", there exists the inbox and the notes that I want to keep, but under "mailbox" there exists the calendar and the contacts that I want to keep.

I use an exchange server provider for some of this stuff, but I really can't figure out what's going on. Is there a way to merge all of this, so I don't have two calendars, two contacts lists, etc? Can someone guess how I came to have two functionally equivalent but content-varied folders? Furthermore, does there exist some sort of "Outlook for Dummies" that explains the origins of this weird (to me, at least) structure?
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Go into your Control Panel and check and see if you have a "Mail Options" or "Mail Accounts" icon. If you can find it (don't know what version of Windows or Outlook you are using, so I can't be more specific) then select the option that should be along the lines of "Edit/Modify Account" and you should be able to see the email account you have set up.

Once there, check to see where it says to deliever the messages. If what I suspect has happened has happened, then it says to deliever to your local folders.

Basically, this happens at my work all the time. I move to a new computer, connect to the server and it winds up thinking that I want to deliver everything locally. All you have to do is to change the drop down from "Local" or "Personal Folders" then drag everything back into your normal folders.
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What Slavlin says. This is not unusual.
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