What should I watch on Peacock right now?
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I am canceling Peacock premium for a bit, anything I should watch before this payment period is up?

I am caught up on Girls5Eva and We are Lady Parts, and will be finishing the 2nd season of Rutherford Falls and the Amber Ruffin Show.

Anything streaming now on Peacock Premium I should check out? I have 2 weeks-ish, but don't watch a ton of TV/movies per week. Hence weeding out some unnecessary streaming services.

I will keep the free version of Peacock and continue making my way through the 12 seasons of Murder, She Wrote, slowly but surely.

Anything on there right now you'd recommend? Not generally a fan of true crime or reality TV, but if my life is truly worse because I haven't watched Below Deck: Bermuda Triangle or whatever, let me know!

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Best answer: I thought the Saved By the Bell reboot was actually really great and smart- The show is self-aware enough that I would give it a try whether you were a fan or a hater of the original.
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These are not new, but I am enjoying rewatching both The Office and Downton Abbey.
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Best answer: Vigil
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Best answer: The Psych Movies!
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Seconding Vigil and Psych. The second season of Rutherford Falls dropped today (I haven't seen it yet, but the first season was very good).
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AP Bio?
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The MacGruber series is over the top, gory, and ridiculous, and also hilarious. ( I also love Girls5Eva, and I think if you like that, there's a good chance you might find MacGruber funny)
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It's not perfect, but we enjoyed Wolf Like Me.
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If you watched Tiger King, Joe vs Carole seems amusing. I don’t have premium so I only watched the first episode. (If you haven’t seen Tiger King, though, I doubt you’d enjoy Joe vs Carole.)
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Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist is the only reason I’m paying for Peacock right now. So good.
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Best answer: Killing It is low-key great.
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If you like slow, quiet, reality tv, I strongly recommend Escape to the Chateau, which follows an English couple (an engineer and a designer) who buy a falling apart chateau in France and slowly renovate it room by room.
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Seconding Wolf Like Me and Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist.
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Peacock has acquired a long list of British TV shows. Some that I like:
The Almighty Johnsons - Norwegian family in Australia find out they are actually Norse gods.
The Bletchley Circle - 1952, four former Bletchley Park codebreakers from WWII come together to track a killer.
Hitmen - This comedy follows two best friends who have fallen into a career in contract killing.
Not Going Out - This long-running British comedy favourite follows a young slacker and the people around him. Lee Mack stars.
We Are Lady Parts - This Channel 4 series follows the adventures of an all-female Muslim punk band in London
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Second AP Bio as an underrated show to watch!
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Response by poster: Thanks all! Vigil was indeed good and I'm going to squeeze in a few episodes of Killing It or Saved by the Bell.

I'll definitely come back to other suggestions the next time I sign up for the paid version.
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