Headshot makeup when masking
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We have company headshots next week. I always wear my mask indoors but will need to remove it for this. I tend to get terrible maskne. Normally for a head shot I would use foundation, blush and concealer, but I am concerned about what the mask will do to it. Any tips? Will primer be enough?
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Best answer: I would suggest doing your regular makeup, and a strong setting spray on top. The Urban Decay All-Nighter and the Milk Hydro Grip have both got me through long masked periods with minimal mask-smudging. If you can duck into a private washroom and touch up shortly before the photo, so much the better.
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Ask whether the headshot can be outdoors at the beginning of the day before you put on your mask. Natural lighting- especially morning and evening! - is more flattering anyway. Pandemic safety AND better photos.
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Best answer: I recently did headshots at an indoor studio, here's what I did: I did my foundation, blush, concealer, etc. as well as eyebrows and eye makeup at home, and set it all with a setting spray. Then I brought lipstick, makeup wipes, q-tips, and a stuff for touch-ups (eyeliner, eyebrow brush, concealer). Since my foundation, etc. was set before I put my mask on, there wasn't much damage the mask could do. Once there, I applied my lipstick and double-checked my makeup just before taking the photos. If I were going to work a full day after that, I would have been sure to get the lipstick off once the photos were done. That said, I used a Nars lipstick crayon and just put my mask on over it to chat with the photographer about next steps. I probably spent about 15 minutes wearing a mask and chatting with her, and the only noticeable impact was some lip color inside my mask, not on my face. If you need to put your mask on to get from the photo area to the bathroom, and you wear a lipstick that isn't super messy, you should be fine. Maybe bring some face cleanser and a fresh mask to change into if you're worried about maskne from the foundation, etc.
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Best answer: Ask if the photographer can retouch your blemishes (often they will charge an extra $50). If they can, don’t wear a lot of cakey skin makeup on the rest of your face that will make your skin look textured and makeuppy - just even out your skin tone & conceal dark eye circles with minimal makeup, lightly powder any shine, and let them take care of blemishes digitally. That’s what models and actors are advised to do for shoots.
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Best answer: i second hepta, and also recommend a good primer for your foundation. elf and la girl make very affordable, long-lasting primers.
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Long lasting lipstick
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Best answer: You'll probably be okay. Touch up before the photo if possible. FWIW it's pretty standard practice on film sets right now to do a full face of makeup, and then wear a loose fitting baggy blue surgical mask over top, and whip it off right before the cameras start rolling, with maybe a gentle powder touch up at the very last minute.
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I was about to say what stray just did: wear some disposable surgical over your made-up face. My face wasn't too messed up from it, though it does definitely mess up the mask.
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Best answer: When I need my makeup to stay even when masked, I use lots of setting spray as I do the layers of makeup. I don't use primers, I only prep my skin with SPF and moisturizer before any makeup goes on. I let the skin prep soak in for about 10 minutes and then apply my foundation and then spray the setting spray everywhere. Allow it to fully dry (I use a fan). Then put on powder/blush/bronzer and then spray again and allow to fully dry. This keeps my makeup intact even if I have to mask. I also use long wear lipsticks that dry down to a no-smudge finish.
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