Mint is not so fresh anymore
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The Mint website used to work for me until their latest redesign. Are there alternatives that didn't go in for the "Our UX designers were using Sketch and now everything looks ABSOLUTELY HUGE and everything takes way more clicks than it used to" fad?

I used to rely on the following features:
- connects to my banks' APIs to get transactions
- automatic categorization of transactions based on rules i could set
- easy to update/change categorization of transaction
- automatically doing the math to compare my transactions to the limits i want to set on each category each month
- easy to update and change my limits for each month depending, so i can quickly understand if I'm spending more than I'm making and why
- let me see basic charts and graphs of spending over time etc.

Now what they've done is:
- It takes more clicks to groom my transactions
- It takes more clicks to groom my budgets against my transactions
- Automatic categorization doesn't seem to be kicking in anymore
- It's harder to set up automatic transaction rules
- Everything is harder to read

Here's what I don't want:
I know I could do this myself with a spreadsheet but I have been down that road and downloading the CSVs, cleaning them up, and manually categorizing each transaction myself is way too much work and I'm just not gonna do it at this point in my life.

I am so uninterested in doing anything manually I don't even want to manually figure out which budgeting software expects me to input transactions manually and which will easily connect to my bank accounts.

I also don't want to learn any methods or change the way I'm thinking or anything like that.

I would also prefer not to keep all of this stuff on my phone so web-based or Mac app is preferred.

I just want the transactions, the categorizing, and the adding up.
I'm also not that worried about security as long as the app is following industry best practices etc.

Thanks for any help you can provide!
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Best answer: I would give Monarch Money a try. I moved to them after using Tiller (see above) for about 18 months, and Tiller was just too much work for me. Incredibly powerful and customizable, but I am guessing not ideal for someone looking for the ease of Mint. (And I used Mint many years ago, but not recently enough to be familiar with the current features/UI)

Monarch is already very full-featured despite being pretty new, and is in active development. And they have a public feature roadmap that you can vote on!

You can import old data, so I am guessing you can import all your old data from Mint.

Web and IPhone.
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