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Can anybody recommend a moving company in Seattle, for an in-city move? Customer service is at least as important as price.
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I've used both Bekins and Starving Students, and had a better experience with Bekins, which, as it happens, is a Teamsters shop. The quoted rates for both companies are about the same. You will have to go through a bit of quote development rigamarole.

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Speaking only about office moves (unsure if it's personal or work), I'd steer clear of Emerald City Moving. I've previously had good experience but the last time they lost our "date" (planned 8 months in advance) and never apologized. Meanwhile, Bekins stepped right up and executed perfectly.
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I highly recommend Jordan River Moving, who were recommended to me by a coworker, and who were recommended to him by another coworker.

I enlisted their services when moving from the U-District to Greenwood last December. They arrived at 8:45am, loaded the truck (traversing four flights of stairs in the process), followed me to the new apartment, and had offloaded all of my belongings by 9:50am. Without a doubt, the smoothest and least stressful move I've ever experienced.
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Bekins tried to overcharge me by $900, and if I hadn't paid close attention to what they were billing me I might have fallen for it. They were so-so overall.

For some Jordan River horror stories, check here. I read terrible things about them in multiple places when I was researching movers last year. I wish I could recommend a better service, but Bekins was the best we came up with in our search, and they seemed slightly iffy. (And turned out to be slightly iffy, as noted above.)
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Good to know, agropyron. It seems that most of the people who experienced trouble with Jordan River were moving long distances. Maybe I coworkers were spared the hassle by only using them for in-city moves.
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