At home vet Los Angeles- emergency euthanasia
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Hi Mefi, I need help to help my friend long distance. I’m in NYC and she is in LA with a dying dog. She needs a vet to come to her home and help put her dog to sleep.

M’y friend is bringing her elderly dog home from an emergency vet. Her dog is dying and she wants to have her in familiar surroundings to say goodbye. She has asked me to help her find a vet that will come to her home in the Hollywood Hills neighborhood either tonight or tomorrow. I don’t know LA well at all and I can’t tell easily what vets are in proximity to do this. Can anyone help?
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Best answer: I'm not in the area, but have heard good things about Lap of Love
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I am so sorry for your friend. Is the emergency vet able to provide recommendations? (I think they should).
Again, so sorry for the sad situation.
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I don’t know if they cover that far south of me but contact Gemcore Veterinary services. She’s wonderful, I’ve used her twice.
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Seconding cozenedindigo
A friend was very satisfied with services from Lap of Love in the LA area.
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Best answer: We used Comforting Creatures for our cat. Recommended.
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Not in the area but had a very good experience with Lap of Love in San Antonio.
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Best answer: I have used Serenity Veterinary Care twice and they are very kind and compassionate.
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Thirding Lap of Love — my friends were just in a similar situation a few weeks ago and had nothing but good things to say about how the service helped them through a really difficult time.
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If you're still looking, I have had two wonderful experiences with Dr. Au at Gold Coast Vet, including one same-day service. She is gentle and compassionate. Her online calendar shows that she has openings today.
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