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I create a lot of very (often absurdly) specific utilities that I would like to make available to the internet at large. Providing the source on github is a no-brainer, but I'd like to have a spiffy central landing spot that could provide pointers and in many cases web versions of the utilities themselves. I could do something primitive on my web server, but I thought I'd see if this rang any bells for anyone.

This week's sample: A ttf2stl utility that will take a TTF or OTF file and automatically turn any glyph into a printable 3D object, a shim for Matplotlib that goes beyond the "style" attribute to let you generate modern aesthetically pleasing charts, and a bokeh based ao3 tag explorer that was designed to compare the ebb and flow of fandoms relative to each other.

So, that sort of thing.
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There's GitHub Pages, which lets you host from your GitHub repository. I'm not sure how it works across repos, though.
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I'm in a Wordpress phase right now, so my first thought is a minimal Wordpress theme, with your utilities being either posts or pages. Maybe the utilities could be individual posts, and you could collect them into organized groups in 3-7 pages that link to posts.
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Yeah, I think WordPress is probably the easiest way to do this if you want any sort of website features and/or a database backend.
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This is exactly what Glitch is for!
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I came here to suggest Github Pages.
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