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This is a bit of a Hail Mary: I'm enrolled in a Japanese language course in Kyoto starting in July, I was intending to hand in my notice at work and for my apartment tomorrow, and last night I learned that the apartment agencies affiliated with the broker I'm using (Go Go Nihon) are all fully booked, at least until September. Staying in an airbnb for a few months seems the obvious answer, and I asked the Go Go Nihon agent about this last night but they did not reply. Could there be any issue with doing this?
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Is it the case that you did everything right, and got a confirmation and everything, then just now found out that they dropped the ball? Or is it the case that you just applied now?

In the first case, I would keep escalating and hold them to their word. In the second case, I would keep communicating and encourage them to find something for you. Last minute cancellations happen so you want to be first in line. In either case, be friendly but insistent.

Otherwise, sure, airbnb is always an option. There are other exchange-homestay type websites too that people here might have experience with.
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Japan is just navigating out of covid. You may find through the summer that housing options are limited (or expensive).
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Response by poster: Thanks dum spiro spero - it's the former case: I applied for the April term but postponed because of the border restrictions, and asked if there was any preparation I could do at that time to get ahead of the curve. I was told to wait for receipt of the required government visa documents, which came through last night, which is why I applied for accommodation last night, only to find they don't have any for July.

With all the rules I've encountered with the process to date, I was concerned that there'd be issues - e.g. maybe with changing addresses/ not initially having a permanent address and my residents card? I only know that I don't know all the rules and regulations, so I'm just trying to make sure I'm not making fatal assumptions about finding accommodation myself before I hand in my notice here in the US tomorrow (should I still not hear back from Go Go Nihon tonight).

On preview: @NoDef - it seems there's actually more reasonably priced airbnb accommodation in Kyoto than usual, I'm guessing because of the impact of border restrictions on international tourism.
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The MovingToJapan Reddit group maintains a wiki list of short and long term rental companies. I’ve had fellow classmates who’ve used Sakura House and Leo Palace and what not during language school, which can range from awesome to wtf depending on the building and the other residents. Of course, this was all pre-Covid, so I definitely can’t say how they are now…
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