What is more environmentally correct?
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The refrigerator died. We'll be getting rid of a lot of old bottles - which is environmentally preferable?

Okay, so the refrigerator died unexpectedly. We have a lot of bottles & jars of full things - dressings, etc. - that are going to have to be thrown away. Which is the better thing, environment-wise? Throw the stuff out in the glass & plastic containers, or empty them in the trash, or down the disposal, and use a lot of water cleaning out full bottles?
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Pour/scoop out as much as possible, and throw in the recycling with not too much rinsing. Rinsing is to prevent the recycling waste from getting gross and smelly, not so much for the recycling process itself. If it's not too hot, and the waste is being picked up soon (and not standing out in boiling temperatures for days) you don't have too worry too much about rinsing.
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Response by poster: Thanks - will do.
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