What the font?
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Can anyone tell me what's the name of the font I used for this subtitle? (pic inside)

I don't currently have access to the PC I created this on. The noise you see around the characters is from the font itself.
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If you have a larger source image, or perhaps one with individually spaced characters, you can try and run it through WhatTheFont and see if it spits out anything useful.

I tried it with the image you linked, but it's having trouble distinguishing the different characters.
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Response by poster: What The Font can't cope with the deliberate noise, even on a larger example.
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Identifont is another "guess the font" website but it asks you questions about the font until it arrives at a match (or matches):Identifont
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Response by poster: Thanks, but Identifont wasn't even close. I think I don't have enough uppercase letters to make it work.
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Okay, AskMetafilter is awesome, but I'm not sure it's this awesome...that's a challenge, y'all.
Your font is a version of the old rpg fave Black Chancery, with added swashes and dirt. Chancery kind of broadly describes fonts based on medievaley-style hand-lettering, and might be useful as a search word. Good luck.
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Response by poster: I feel like I'm getting close. I definately remember it being amongst a batch of distressed fonts.

I am so making sure that every font I have is on every PC I own as soon as possible.
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WhatTheFont says that its forums are the place to go if the automatic tools don't work... just a thought.
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Response by poster: I found it in my archives! It's name is "Beyond Wonderland". I had been searching for "Alice", so I was close. Thanks everyone for your time.
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