Help me buy a dress
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Help me find dress clothes in San Francisco

Where can I (meaning my roommate) shop for formal clothes in the San Francisco area? Looking for evening-wear (long dresses), preferably stores in the downtown area.
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Price range?

I'm surprised no one else has supplied an answer yet. Well, I shouldn't know these things but /shrug for having a friend who's trying to become a fashion buyer.

In order of ascending groups of price and quality:

Forever 21

Banana Republic
Club Monaco

Saks Fifth Avenue
Neiman Marcus
BCBG Max Azria
Emporio Armani
Marc Jacobs

I'm sure I've missed out a bunch but hopefully some women will chime in with their opinions of the above.

More stores on this page.
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I would certainly start at Macy's and Nordstrom's. And then, if you don't find anything, almost all the stores junesix mentions are right in Union Square.

So, Union Square, basically.

The other neighborhood to check out may be Union Street in Pacific Heights (or is that the Marina?). There's a branch of Ambiance there (also exists on Haight Street, near the Park) that often has really cute formal dresses. It's also generally horrifically crowded, though, so take that into account. And plenty of other boutique-y places along the street.
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thanks! good suggestions.
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There's tons of neighborhoods besides Union Square, although that sounds like where you want (try for weekdays if at all possible): Hayes, Fillmore, Haight, North Beach/Marina, etc. Most of the ones outside US are boutique-y. The Embarcadero Center and San Francisco Shopping Center are good places to start for all the mall stores.
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Jessica McClintock has a boutique off the Square. Pricey but gorgeous. That said, I got both of my prom dresses at Macy's.
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I bought a lovely gown in Chinatown (one of the many little boutiquey places, couldn't tell you which one). And I only spent about $40. Now if I can just find an occasion to wear it!
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