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Seeking recommendations for boarding-and-training for a rescue dog that needs some help.

I have a sweet rescue pup who was attacked by a not-sweet dog at the park and, since then, fears most other dogs (barking, lunging). We've been making slow progress, but I'm interested in finding professional help. I know that board-and-train is a thing. I'll be traveling for a few weeks and am looking for a 3- or 4-week board-and-train to help him conquer his fear of other dogs. General training probably wouldn't hurt, either. I've done a bit of research, but it seems like there are a lot of shady operators in this space and I haven't found anything that seems like the perfect fit.

Can anyone recommend a board-and-train operation (ideally within an hour of the East Bay) or give tips on how to find one?
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I've been doing similar research for boarding, and check your memail on a place I've found that might work. Unfortunately, most science-based trainers don't do board-and-trains.

When looking for a trainer, there are few shorthands for the things that I've looked for: CPDT-KA (here's their directory) is preferred, continual education with a few organizations (Karen Pryor, Denise Fenzi, etc). When I narrowed it down to a few, I also check out if they have an IG account and watch some videos, and check out the other dogs that are tagged on their accounts (I've also DMed one or two of the dogs' IG accounts to ask about their experience, and everyone has been fairly helpful, though I've done it through my own dog's account).

Also, you can use this list from the SF SPCA as a starting point, but would definitely look for characteristics that you care about.

If you're looking for general reactivity training, I liked Amy Cook's classes (though they're asynchronous and virtual, even though she's based Oakland). Our current trainer and I bonded over her classes -- the management class was super helpful to just have less stressful walks, and building up her play behaviors has been great at incentivizing her to put up with some of the things that she has a lot of feelings about. It is a lot of work on the participants though, to upload videos and keep up with the community.
The East Bay SPCA might be also a good place to start for classes and private training.
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