New things to do in New York City (since 2018)
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I'm visiting New York City from Australia for the first time since late 2018 and am looking for new things to do. I've spent plenty of time there in the past (7+ months), so I'm specifically looking for stuff that has opened in the last few years (I realise covid will have impacted this) and am not too interested in the standard tourist things that have been around forever.
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The Vessel is still closed until they can figure out how to keep people from killing themselves with it, but Little Island has been very well-received.
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It has been around since before 2018 but still worth a visit: high line
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Shirley Chisholm State Park in Brooklyn opened a few years ago. It is a reclaimed and repurposed landfill with fantastic views, 10 miles of bike/walking trails, and just a generally nice place to hang out. There's a bike library (loaner bikes) and many birds. Very off the beaten path.

Museum of Moving Image in Astoria always has interesting exhibits and fantastic movie screenings. Not new, but the newest exhibit is.
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Governor's Island has been accepting visitors since around 2010 but many people haven't been, and even if you went in the past more and more interesting stuff gets added each year. Worth a visit!
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Almost impossible to get tickets to, but I’ve heard amazing things about Bottom of the Ocean

Not new, but the Frick Museum is renovating so their collection is currently in view in the old Whitney Museum space, which gives many of the pieces a new perspective in a modern setting.

The Natural History Museum recently opened their new Gems and Minerals Hall, which is pretty stunning.

MOMA also did a huge renovation since 2018, actually reconfiguring the building.

Seconding Little Island.
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Does theater count? I just saw A Strange Loop last week and it was jaw-droppingly good and definitely very new and different in terms of what’s “allowed” on Broadway. It did just get nominated for 11 Tony’s so tickets may be hard to come by.
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Poster House opened in 2019.
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Response by poster: Thanks all. Looks to be a few new things to fill my time.
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The Open Streets are closed off to cars/traffic and give that space to pedestrians and local cafes, bars, and restaurants. Go to one on a nice day and it's a beautiful experience.
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