Which mental health professionals can ADA accommodation letters?
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I can’t find information on which types of credentials and/or degrees a mental health professional needs to write an ADA accommodations letter. I’ve looked on the relevant government sites. Can anyone point me to where I can find a reliable source for his information?
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I'd ask the Job Accommodation Network which welcomes email from individuals who need help getting accommodations.
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I know this isn’t quite what you are looking for but maybe it’ll help a little. At a previous job where I was facing harassment, I wrote an email to my employer and listed how long I’d be in treatment with / cc:ed my psychiatrist (MD) and therapist (LCSW) as well as lawyer (JD) as part of a cease and desist letter. It was then on HR to ask for any further documentation, which they didn’t, although there was a bit of back and forth of what accommodations they were willing to permit (because they were assholes.) It sucks that the accommodations request process is so unclear for us; I wish I could help you more. My new employer is much better and has a whole department dedicated to supporting employees of different needs. I hope directly contacting an NGO or knowledgeable legal advisor helps you get what you need, deserve, and are guaranteed by law!
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The letter of accommodation I have on file (for a mental health condition) was written by my GP/PP after we'd shifted my maintenance care from my HMO's behavioral health department to my PP. It says (roughly) "Lexica is under my care for a disabling condition which requires accommodation. Suggested accommodations include [things like "a quiet semi-private workspace", "use of noise-cancelling headphones", "being allowed to work remotely X days a week"]."

My employer accepted it with no trouble.
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