A great Korean cookbook for an American vegetarian family?
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We are an adventurous eating and cooking lacto-ovo family of four. We shop frequently at a Korean international market in the DC area (Lotte). We are not obsessed with "authenticity" but want to know more about flavors history/courses, meals.

We already love making a variety of Vietnamese and Thai inspired meals and soups and several one pot meals involving Tteokbokki and variations. We make and love japchae. We also like using gojuchang, gojugaru, and ssamjang in various ways. Can you recommend a print (not website or Kindle) cookbook that might push our Korean cooking? Very interested in non kimchi pickling of veg.
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Best answer: This is probably the obvious answer, but I've been seeing rave reviews for The Korean Vegan Cookbook.
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Came here specifically to mention The Korean Vegan.
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I love the style of Robin Ha's Cook Korean!: A Comic Book with Recipes. There are definitely pickling recipes that aren't the traditional red kimchi in there.
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If you want to nerd out, Korean studies scholar Michael Pettid wrote Korean Cuisine: An Illustrated History. I have a copy at my parents' place in Seoul I think, but my memory is fuzzy.

The South Korean government's Institute of Traditional Korean Food has a cookbook: The Beauty of Korean Food, with 100 Best-loved Recipes. I've never read it, but would assume based on the authorship that there would be a fair amount of history and context.

Oh and a relative gave me A Korean Mother's Cooking Notes by Chang Sun-Young after I got married. I remember thinking it was decent!
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Learning Korean is new and from some great authors.
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