A Weird Thing My Drunk Canadian Mother used to say.
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For the life of me, I have never heard this phrase anywhere else. Just going phonetical here, but "Has your sufficiency been suphonsiphied? (Just guessing on the ph instead of f thing) I guess that meant kind of meant "have you had enough to eat?" or, "Have you had enough?" She was from Winnipeg. late of a farm from Lundar, with people in Gimli. Anyone else heard this?
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Best answer: Let This Suffice On Suffonsifying
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Best answer: This is in Margaret Atwood's novel Cat's Eye, where it appears as something that the classy, wealthy family says to be ironic as an in-joke.

While they are busy neglecting and shattering their youngest daughter, of course.
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This rings a bell with me, most likely because I have read Cat's Eye by Margaret Atwood several times over the years. An article
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my dad (born and raised in Quebec) used to say after a big meal, "I've had an ample sufficiency."
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My dad (Ontario-raised) has said “I am sufficiently suffonsified” for as long as I can remember.
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Best answer: My grandfather and father (raised in Ontario) say this.
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My parents (both raised in Ontario, but in different parts of the province) often say "I am sufficiently suffonsified," usually with a bit of a lofty, upper-class tone.
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The novel (and later film) "I Heard the Owl Call My Name" was popular in Canada in the 70's. It had the phrase "Have we had sufficient to suffice? Are we sufficiently supped?" or something along those lines. That unique phrase has children.
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Moira Rose throws suffonsify out on Schitt’s Creek, though not your full alliterative phrase.
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My mum and my aunt both born and raised in Victoria BC said something similar after a meal. They'd ask "Are you sufficiently suffosiffied?"
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Response by poster: I don't think I've posted here for 10 years.


You fuckers do not disappoint.
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