Summer trousers, how do they work
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It's getting warm here, and my jeans are getting too hot for work. What sort of trousers should I buy? Pickiness below:

- I am in the UK, so hot is like, 25 degrees C, but I have poor temperature regulation
- I want to look reasonably smart. So trackies are too casual, linen trousers generally too shapeless, and those thin viscose trousers tend to show too much of my butt.
- That said, I need to be able to kneel on the ground, pick up furniture, and other active things. So nice dressy silk things are out.
- There is a dress size difference between my waist and my hips, thighs, so anything "fitted" will not fit. I have to buy oversized, or balloon leg, jeans.
- Oh, and I hate anything wide legged. Tapered or elastic at the ankle is my jam.

So what is my warm weather equivalent of balloon-leg black jeans? Does it exist?
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Summer jeans are a thing - a lighter weight of denim.
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For office casual, Old Navy Pixie pants have many good traits- they’re thinner than jeans but still structured, quite stretchy, and look crisp and tailored but you can sit on the floor with them. I would suggest getting your hip size and maybe getting the waist taken in if you find it’s gapping.

If you want to go more athleisure, Lululemon pants are excellent quality and have lots of practical and flattering details.
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Hiking pants/smartish cargo pants - they come in a range of neutral colours, the fabric should be somewhat durable but still breathable. You may have to get a pair that fits over the wider parts and have that taken in at the waist at your local alterations place.
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These may be too casual and I’m not sure if available in the UK but I have two pairs of LL Bean Vista Camp Pants that I wear all summer long. The waist is elastic with a drawstring which helps with my own waist to hip differential.
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I don't know if it's your style or will get in the way of your work, but not-too-baggy Japanese style light cotton shin length pants count as pants in the labs I work in and are pretty durable. Too pick one at random from a company I've been happy with in the past, like this. Ankle length ones are also not bad, though it takes some searchi to find less baggy ones. (Unfortunately, the most common English term seems to be "harem pants.")
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Put This On has a Guide to Summer Trousers.
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I've had my eye on these linen/cotton blend tapered leg trousers on amazon. They seem to check all your boxes.
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Can't link right now, but Next have some smart tapered-leg linen trousers in their range, as well as the rather baggier, more unstructured kind. I bought some a few years back (which, granted, means the exact ones I have won't be available any more) and have been very pleased with them. Worth a look, anyway.
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