Where do you find left-wing STEM news and communities?
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Looking for communities (virtual or otherwise) that focus on lefty/radical/anti-authoritarian uses and development of science and technology. Like open-source organizing software, post-capitalist robots, DIY biology - that kind of thing, where the focus is on empowering people rather than making profit.

Interested in forums, mailing lists, chatrooms, zines, video channels, podcasts, (micro-)blogs... anything!
Politically, particularly hoping for things aligned with the libertarian left.

Some examples of what I'm hoping to find:
- many IRL volunteer-run hackerspaces fit the bill
- Taylor Alexander's youtube channel
- "Fully Automated Luxury Gay Space Communism" as a technological goal
- hackaday sometimes has posts that fit, though it's definitely not their focus
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Def con and other ethical hacking conferences.

Would general FOSS communities fit the bill?
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Response by poster: @redlines I would say FOSS communities alone would not fit the bill - they must also be working on the right kind of tech. An open-source web browser or game engine, while very cool, is less what I'm looking for than open-source political tools or farming tech. Technology that, for example, a bunch of anarchists would find useful.

A couple of more examples that slipped my mind:
- Open Source Ecology (the "global village construction set" people)
- Appropedia
- No Tech Magazine
- P2P Foundation (possibly defunct?)
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Low-Tech Magazine: "This is a solar-powered website, which means it sometimes goes offline."
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Have a look at monoskop, it's more at the arts, and humanities, end of the spectrum, I don't belong but suspect there's interesting discussion within.
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Futel, in case you missed it on the blue right now.
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These are more tech than STEM, and they are more academic or journalistic than explicitly lefty or anarchy or trying to build anything, but maybe they'll be of interest:

Data & Society (org, podcast; academically-inclined critical thinking about data and surrounding technology)
New_ Public (org, newsletter, magazine focused on building better public spaces)

LM Sacasas / The Convivial Society (newsletter, philosophy of tech and society)
Peoples & Things (podcast by a science & tech studies professor)
Sentiers (newsletter/blog, mostly aggregator of interesting/critical technology writing)
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