Stop me from being necklace with my money!
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Help me find this choker (at 1/20 of the price...)

Dear Fashionistas of Mefi,

I have fallen in love with this very expensive Valentino necklace.

It, however, is far more than I'd like spend on a piece of jewelry (plus paying for a designer name, etc etc). I have googled and googled and can't find anything similar -- could you all help?

I'm not set on an exact dupe, so please share other interesting pieces with a similar vibe. Context: I am a bridesmaid, and the uniformity/basicness of the outfit is killing me - so I want to find a statement piece that makes me feel more interestingly dressed but isn't disrespectful of the vibe and that isn't too grungy/punk (my own aesthetic). (Tbc, we have carte blanche on jewelry)

Things I particularly like about this piece:
- its elegant, but still interesting
- its not quite as punk as a full-out chain choker, but slightly references that look

I don't particularly need it to be gold - I think silver/gold/platinum all work with the color schema, and I wear mixed metals anyway.

Thank you!
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Best answer: Could you do closer to 1/10th of the price (although I believe those are Canadian dollars)? This is somewhat similar and there are others in the collection that might work, too.
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Maybe this vintage one on Etsy?
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Not quite, but close: Ross-Simons? Option 1 (sterling) or 2 (gold over sterling)? Talbots?
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That is gorgeous and I don't know where to begin to look where to outright replicate it (though I'll be watching this thread!)

There's an Etsy seller I've bought from before who has interesting vintage chain chokers that give me some of the same vibe, though not so modernist: 1 2
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This is along the same vein. No idea how reputable the seller is, but I like it.
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Best answer: Maybe this, or is it too clunky?
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This rhinestone collar?
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Best answer: Hello! We have the same taste in jewelry - I adore a power necklace. Search terms I use:
collar necklace
curb chain
Givenchy (the real stuff - which is nonetheless costume jewelry - is expensive, but it’s a good search term on EBay/Etsy)

Wishing you luck!
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@Mchelly (and anyone else who'd like to replicate it)--

The hardest part is finding beads with the right hole orientation. You could replicate this choker if you can find a metal cylinder/tube bead with two holes going across the bead; I just did some searches of the big online bead shops but all the metal tube beads are centerdrill longitudinally (the hole goes along the length, like penne pasta shapes).

Once you find this bead, you just "stack" them into a square tower like Lincoln logs or Jenga blocks (string a pair at a time, keep swapping the orientation of the tubes to form the square shape). If you prefer a triangle cross-section, you could just string them in groups of 3 rather than 4...
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Her store is closed for the next couple weeks, but Iron Lace Design does some cool chokers and accepts custom commissions.
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Maybe this vintage piece on Mercari? Good luck in your search!
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Response by poster: I actually love all of these, thanks everyone! I didn't realize this was a genre I had feelings for, but... here we go! Favorites because I found this one, this one, and this one particularly compelling.
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Not sure if it's too late, but I just saw this one on Ebay and thought of this question.
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