Financial Aid and Covid-19: Understanding the SAP requirements
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I am facing issues with my financial aid in school due to two semesters that had covid related problems and left me behind in SAP. One I took the credit/no credit option, the other I withdrew from due to two direct covid impacts (getting covid, and having housing issues, PUA issues, just a cluster fuck of a bad semester and I've been blaming my self for not managing all of that, but I digress.) Having to file a SAP appeal for aid due to an incomplete i couldn't "absorb" because I fell behind on SAP. Then I found this: which seems to suggest the university has the option to not count those withdrawals

My issue is that I had two semesters in spring and fall 2020 that were either a no credit or a withdrawal due to extenuating circumstances related to covid. One was actually getting covid and dealing with housing/pua, the other was more little issues with work/schooling from home, including limited wifi access.

The problem is that now I am not making SAP progress because I have 2 incompletes, one last, one this semester which are to be done by end of year (though one has a professor set deadline by end of summer). I would have the credits/GPA to still be making SAP if I didn't have those two bad semesters in there. I was just thinking I had to take this because those were the federal rules. So finishing an appeal I saw that. If my read and understanding is right, the university would have the option for any covid related withdrawals in 2020 to be excluded from SAP. If they did that with those two semesters, I'd be making SAP.

I am waiting for my financial aid advisor to answer, but I want to get some input outside my university. Basically I want to raise hell if they had the option to and didn't or if they are but didn't apply to me for whatever reason. I just don't know if my read is right.
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Are you sure this is a big deal? I don't know anything about the specifics of your situation, but I sign off on the academic advisor part of SAP appeals all the time, and my sense is that they're usually a formality. I think it's very likely that you'll fill out the form and explain that you plan to finish your incompletes on this timeline, and the financial aid people will approve it right away. I wouldn't panic about this until you discuss it with the financial aid office.
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Response by poster: I have two prior appeals based on those two semesters. The financial aid advisor made it seem like a Big Fucking Deal and now its going to the financial aid committee because this is appeal #3. I would have 0 need for previous appeals and at SAP if the standard there is applied to two Very Bad Semesters that were directly impacted by covid.

But I don't understand so much of financial aid, at least the rules around it. I only found out today/this morning from academic advisor that if you withdraw after the 10th day, its counted as a class attempt towards SAP even though you can drop without any academic penalty. I am sure it is written somewhere I could have found, but its not broadly shared.
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