Where to watch Greg Kotis' "Pig Farm"?
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Hello, I'm trying to find out where I can watch video of the original production of Greg Kotis' "Pig Farm", which ran Off Broadway in 2006 with Katie Finneran and Denis O'Hare in lead roles.

I was trying to describe the show to a friend -- it's an intentionally-overly-melodramatic parody of Sam Shepard-esque plays about "heartland America" and "the common people", where a hard working married couple are harassed by a cartoonishly sneering, Scarpia-esque EPA regulator (O'Hare, who's wonderful in the role) who threatens to close their farm for improper dumping of "fecal sludge".

There's a sample of the script on Kotis' website, but it doesn't do justice to how funny the cast made the lines, injecting every pause with massive emotional baggage and increasing emphasis of "FECAL SLUDGE!" every scene. I'd really like to view it again, how can I do this?
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Best answer: Stage plays produced under the aegis of Actors Equity (the stage actors union) are generally not allowed to be filmed. Exceptions are made for including the show in the NY public Library TOFT archive. You could contact them to ask if it’s there.

If that fails, you might ask the playwright himself if he has a private copy he would be willing to share with you. That’s not exactly cool with the union or with most actors, but if it’s for personal use only, then no biggie.
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Best answer: What minervous said on stuff being online. If you find something online, it's probably someone's snuck video (and I didn't see any from Googling).

I did Urinetown recently and the director is friends with Greg on Facebook and he was nice about our show and gave a friendly shoutout or two. So I dunno, maybe asking Greg might be worth a shot?
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Response by poster: Well, I found him on Facebook -- or at least I found an account that I could plausibly believe is Greg Kotis -- and unfortunately he responded to me that as far as he knows, it wasn't recorded. Oh well.
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Darn it! Well, you tried at least :/
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