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Hi I need some to help me buy a product from the following Japanese web page - http://store.yahoo.co.jp/donya/454747950010.html Plese tell me where to click or what to do to buy this product. OR, how can I get in touch with an Evergreen electronics distributer who will ship to Canada/US? Thanks!
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That looks like the Evergreen DN-2000, it was featured on digg recently, some one in the tread suggested getting it from ledshoppe.

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It's sold out right now, which is why there's no obvious "add to cart" button.
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Yep, as adamrice said, it's sold out all over. There's a few on Yahoo Auctions Japan (search for "DN-2000") and you could go through a bidding proxy like Rinkya to bid on it. However, you could be paying up to $20 in commissions/fees plus shipping on top of the final bid price for what started out as a $10 mp3 player.
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You can read the translated version here. Even though the images aren't translated, the alt text (tooltips) for them are, which should allow you to navigate the site.
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Also, if you're looking for a cheap SD-Card MP3 player, you can pick one up here for $19.99. (found via dealhack)
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Target, too.
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