16T drive not mounting on USBC Dual Dock Bay (Mac)
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Work has sent me two separate 16T drives and neither of them with mount in my dock bay. I've even tried them in a different drive enclosure, different ports. different cables, different computers. Nothing. But the weird thing is other 16T drives will mount. What gives? The ones that won't mount, won't show up in disk utility either. Am I doing something wrong? It just seems really odd that two drives in a row would fail like that.

I'm running Monterey on a new macstudio and the dock is a Sabrent rated for 16T.

Any suggestions or softare that might assist.

Totally frustrated. Please help.
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Does the dock support Power Disable?
posted by zamboni at 10:52 AM on May 16, 2022

Response by poster: Zamboni, What should I be looking for on the drive to see if has the PWDIS Feature? Thanks.
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SAS or SATA drives/dock?
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Work has sent me...

I would encourage you not to take responsibility for this. "Work" sent you some useless devices. Unless you work as a Mac engineer, they should have sent you devices that just plug in and do the intended functions. "Work's" IT people should be helping you with this by phone or video, not random strangers.
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What should I be looking for on the drive to see if has the PWDIS Feature?

I don't think there's anything specific to look for on the drive itself, although if it says SATA rev 3.3 (or later) would mean it's possible it has PWDIS, given that's when it was added as an option. Searching for <manufacturer> <part number> PWDIS power disable is probably easiest.
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You're sure the dock is rated for 16TB? You've successfully used it with a 16TB drive before? The docks can be really handy but they often have some strange limitations. I have an older one (Sabrent brand actually) that only supports up to 5TB.

Lots of the ones listed on Sabrent's site only support up to either 8TB or 10TB, when they even bother mentioning a limit.

(in my experience if the drive is too big the behavior is what you're getting -- the drive simply won't show up at all. the issue is with the dock's firmware, not your Mac.)
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But the weird thing is other 16T drives will mount.

I took this to mean that other 16TB drives do work with the same dock.
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Response by poster: Other 16T do wok on it. Is it possible to ruin a drive by putting it in to a doc with lower capacity? Could that have happened?
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