Beaches to camp on in Florida?
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Beaches to camp on in S.E. Florida?

We're landing in Ft. Lauderdale on the 20th. We'll rent a car and set out for someplace warm and beachy to pitch a tent and unwind. I know where the action is in S. Fl, but not where the quiet solitude is, and we'd like real serenity for at least part of the visit. (Think Corona commercial.) As I'm poring over state park listings, does anyone have recommendations from experience? I'm not opposed to a "campground" if there's adequate elbow room, but am willing to hike to some isolated frontage in a park if that's what it takes. Driving a few hours (i.e. the Keys, West Palm, etc.) okay too.
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Well, I grew up in S.E. Florida and don't remember anything like that existing anywhere. I could easily be wrong, though. I DO remember spring being sea turtle season, though, so if you do find beach camping, be very careful not to disrupt that.

A google search for beach camping florida turns up this and this.
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Having grown up near Ft Lauderdale, I can't imagine you'd be able to camp anywhere on the beach either. I remember hanging out on the beach at night would attract a cop to "move us along." Good luck though.
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I enjoyed staying at Bahia Honda in the Keys.
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I can't think of a single camp site near the developed parts of S.E. Florida. I can say that I've spent many happy weekends at Long Key State Park, just about and hour and a half south of Miami.

Call ahead, it's a busy park. If it's booked solid you might still be able to take advantage of late minute cancellations by going to the park early (be there half an hour before opening) and putting yourself on a waiting list. (But I haven't done that in a long time so confirm that you still can.)

There are places to camp all up and down the keys, if you are determined, and don't mind the possibility of renting a motel room if you are out of luck, you could just head south on the Turnpike (or U.S. 1) and see what happens.
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Well, from looking at the FL State Parks site and following your suggested links, it looks like there's actually camping all over the place, just not much on beach areas until you get to the Keys. The Keys parks are sounding good. Gotta get on the horn and try for reservations...!
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Uh, it's a little hot this time of year for most people's tastes, and the mosquitoes abound, but I really like Flamingo, which is in the Everglades, and probably quite a drive from Ft. Lauderdale.
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Wow, the Keys parks are apparently booked months in advance. No dice. I'm now looking at motels, etc. Anyone got a timeshare or something for rent cheap? ;-)
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I remember seeing tents pitched up over in the Everglades when we were there a couple of years ago...
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