Recipefilter: what did I buy and how do I use it
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I bought some Home made Szechuan chili oil sauce at the local Chinese market and I'm not sure how to use it.

According to the ingredients it has oil, chili, Szechuan pepper, soy bean, spices (similar to 5 spice mix), MSG, salt and sugar. It has a recipe on the jar for bean curd salad but what else is it good for?
It's really impossible to Google recipes using "home made chili oil sauce". I bought it because I was looking for a chili crisp that included szechuan pepper and this seemed really close. I have regular Lao Gan Ma chili crisp too so am covered on that front but wanted one with Szechuan pepper for a taste change.
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Best answer: I bet you could use it to make three chili chicken. This recipe describes infusing an oil that sounds similar to yours as a first step, so you could probably just use yours directly.
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Best answer: I use that mostly as a condiment on rice or noodles, or to round out a stir fry with a little more heat/salt/sichuan peppercorn. I also sometimes dilute with vegetable oil so it's easier to spread and and experiment with.

You can get something close to sichuan stir-fried potatoes by frying multiply-rinsed sliced potatoes in oil then adding that and soy sauce and a splash or two of vinegar near the end.
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Best answer: Ma po tofu! You can probably sub it for, or add it to the doubanjiang .
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Best answer: I would drip it on rice, noodles, eggs, meat, etc.... Pretty much anywhere you would put hot sauce.
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Best answer: Dan Dan noodles uses chili oil like this in many recipes. It also happens to be problematically delicious, and pretty damn easy to make.

It isn’t traditional/authentic but I really enjoy this recipe and make it a couple times a month. I sub oyster mushrooms for the button; they tend towards a better texture for the dish, and bring a bit more flavor to the party.
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Response by poster: I put some on noodles tonight and it has a texture more like black bean paste than chili crisp, with a Szechuan zing. Thanks for all the ideas!
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Baked potatoes
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Technically you can put that on almost ANYTHING if you think it needs a kick. A little bit on your bowl of ramen, a couple drops on your scrambled eggs, a bit in your dry-braised string-beans... it goes everywhere.
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