Outdoor dining in Philadelphia suburbs this Sunday
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Looking for an outdoor dining restaurant for my unboosted mom, dad, and grandmother in the Philadelphia area for dinner tomorrow. It’s to celebrate my mom’s birthday, so a touch of festive would be nice.

They are located near Phoenixville, PA and would drive about 30 minutes (so probably not into downtown Philly, but could be convinced). They tend to like food without strong spices or flavors. Think salmon and asparagus rather than a strong curry. Italian, French, and American have been hits before. Budget is probably $$-$$$ but not $$$$$.

It’s the outdoor dining part I want to get right. I’m not going to have internet until tomorrow, but my grandmother called specifically asking for a recommendation. Maybe you can help me out?
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Try Founding Farmers in King of Prussia. They have a large outdoor patio with heat lamps when needed. The food is upscale but bland. It’s well done and tastes good enough, just not challenging at all. Not my favorite restaurant, but I think it’s a good match for what you want.

It’s where I take my parents when they visit us.
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It’s in Bala so not super far out, but I’d say Lark or The Landing Kitchen, depending on when you go (night or day, respectively). Haven’t been but for me, Elmi can’t miss (3 out of 3 that existed when I was in Philly).
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Response by poster: Thanks for your help! Lark looks perfect menu-wise but doesn't seem to have outdoor dining (just some patio cocktail lounge space). I ended up sending them to North Italia in King of Prussia, which I'm hoping will be a "good enough" option.
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