Where can I get Schöfferhofer Hefeweizen in California?
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I’m not talking about the grapefruit or pomegranate mixes! I mean the wheat beer that is everywhere in Berlin. It reminds my best friend of when we lived there together and I want to surprise her with a bottle (or more).
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I don't think the hefeweizen leaves Germany, as in it isn't available for exporr or is in such demand in its home market there's little capacity available -- which stands in the way of growing any sort of regular overseas demand. The major US importer, Shelton Bros, didn't really survive the pandemic so you'll have to find the state-specific importer bringing products to California who can make as special request for the hefeweizen.
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To k3ninho's comment, it's available in Australia, so it is definitely exported to some places.
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You can try the USA Schöfferhofer Store locator.
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TIL that, thanks!
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Response by poster: Store locator doesn’t list the hefe as an option to search for!
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