How do I take pictures on Android that arent one-second videos?
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When I take pictures on my phone I will usually end up with an ultra-short video instead of still image. I guess maybe I'm holding my finger on the screen longer than the requisite millisecond? But sometimes I get lucky. Can I force it to always take stills when I'm not in video mode? I can't find anything for it in the settings.

The phone is Pixel 4a on Android 12. This behavior happens in "Camera" mode and there is separate "Video" mode. I can trigger pictures with the physical volume controls as well and this seems just as likely to result in unintended microvideos.
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Best answer: These are called "live photos" and are an annoying new feature on my iphone too. They are easy to turn off once you know what term to search for. :)
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Best answer: I think in Android they are called Motion Photos, and there is a setting. You can also turn off Motion Photos on already-captured pictures in the view mode by hitting the pause button on the top right.
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Response by poster: Thanks!
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They only stay as multi-second videos while on your phone or in google photos. The moment you download them they are just a regular photo. Basically they are the byproduct of the camera's stabilization work - the shakier your hands the more live your photos are.

If anyone reading this, or you, ever want the short videos you have to select Download as Video in Google Photos' three dot menu while looking at the picture/video.
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You can use the volume buttons as an alternate shutter button. I find it easier to take pics on the fly. Live pics can be disabled in settings, I believe.
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