Adjustable Bed Frame with Inner spring mattress?
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Have you used an adjustable bed frame with an innerspring mattress? The mattress I have is listed on the manufacturer’s site as adjustable compatible. But I can’t seem to find any reviews for how people like an adjustable frame with an innerspring of any type. I can’t do any sort of foam mattress (my joints fall out overnight and paramedics have to come remove me from bed, it’s truly nonnegotiable). How is using an adjustable frame with a firm-ish innerspring mattress? Have you or a relative tried it?

The stores near me ONLY have memory foam mattresses on their adjustable frames, so I can’t try it out in person. Having access to zero g and being able to elevate my head overnight have both been strongly recommended to me by my doctors. I don’t want to buy a frame only to find out they’re terrible in some unforeseen way unless you have tempurpedic.
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We have always had a box spring underneath whichever kind of mattress we use with an adjustable bed frame.
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Best answer: I have an adjustable frame with a medium-firm innerspring mattress with a pillow top.

I love it.

Like you, I can't do foam. I was worried that the mattress wouldn't fold with the frame. But mine does, as the frame has small rails at the head and foot that hold mattress in place relative to the frame.

I can't sleep flat without greatly increased pain, so the adjustable bed has been a real gift to me. On really bad mornings, the ability to make the bed help me sit up has been amazing.

The one caution I would give, if your joints are loose, is to check the height from top of mattress to the floor, and how that stacks against your height. I am pretty short, so I can't sit on my bed from a standing position, and getting out of bed is a little slide of a few inches before my feet take my weight. For me that's not a problem most of the time, but I can see it could be for some.
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I have a traditional bed frame with a foam mattress (for height) and an innerspring. The slats fall out annoyingly, and I plan to get one of these, just need energy to lift the mattresses to measure well.

I wrote the above, then considered that you may mean a bed that has the ability to raise the head, fold, etc., like a recliner. My innerspring mattress is @ 15 years old and is still fairly rigid.

Companies like Wayfair probably won't share contact info for the manufacturer; I didn't find it on casual googling, but call Wayfair anyway and google more energetically, and contact them.

From time to time, adjustable hospital beds show up on craigslist or can be bought from medical suppliers.
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I recently bought an adjustable bed frame (head and/or feet can raise/lower), and I love it. According to the information I got, basically any reasonably modern mattress of any type will work, including 100% innerspring. If your mattress is more than 10 years old it might not work, but even then I'd say it's worth trying.

If the manufacturer explicitly says it's compatible, I think you're safe.

(My current mattress is some kind of hybrid, with an innerspring core and gel foam on the outsides for cushiness, and works great with the adjustable frame.)
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I have an inner spring mattress with a lot of foam on top of it in my adjustable bed frame and I am generally okay with it except for two problems:

If you seriously adjust the bed into sitting up position, you can feel individual springs pressing into your back. And that is through a lot of foam. I would anticipate this would be worse for you since you don't like foam.

The foam top delaminated from the inner spring bottom and the sidewalls collapsed on one side. This seems less likely to be a problem for you if you don't have a foam section to delaminate itself.
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