Between Tucson and Chandler
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I’m based in Chandler, AZ, but will head to Tucson tomorrow just for the day for an event at U of A. What should I tack on to the trip?

I don’t make it down to Tucson very often (or the various points in between). Any places at U of A to pop in on or favorite stops you like to make on this trip? Any treats I should pick up on the way home?
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If you like coffee, you could stop by Exo in Tucson and buy some beans. Probably my favorite coffee roaster. And if they are currently serving a mesquite cold brew, highly recommend getting one.

If you like whiskey you can stop by the Del Bac distillery for a tasting

The Desert Museum seems to be having an event tomorrow where you can hang out there in the evening and have local beer - - the museum is really nice in the evening (and other times of the day as well).

Tucson has a great independent bookstore to browse -
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Close the U of A is Boca Tacos on Fourth Ave, which is a great place to stop and have tacos and margaritas. The aforementioned Antigone Books is on Fourth Ave as well Monsoon Chocolate has wonderful and unusual chocolates and desserts. Ceres Pasta is downtown and has great pasta and sandwiches and gelato, while their new sister restaurant Noodies is closer to the University. If you do go to Ceres, you can stroll down to the Southern Arizona Heritage Center which is in the Pima County Courthouse, a beautiful building where there is a thoughtful memorial to the victims of the Jan 8 shooting (Gabby Giffords and others were shot). Other downtown options include The Monica, which is a great restaurant to sit down and try local specialties and Bombole is nearby where you can pick up some Indian/Latin empanadas. Then not too far from downtown, you have a great little collection of shops and restaurants downtown at the Mercado San Agustin (including the wonderful Seis Kitchen).
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If you're a book person, besides Antigone on 4th Ave. the Book Stop is well worth visiting. It was Larry McMurtry's favorite bookstore, back when he spent part of his time in town.
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If you're an airplane or transportation person, Pinal Airpark (one of the famous desert airplane boneyards) is off of I-10 on the way. I've never been, but have heard you can see quite a bit from the public-accessible areas. It's an active airport, so there aren't actual tours, or anything.
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Airplane and transportation persons should not miss the Pima Air Museum!
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