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I recently took a little part-time job that includes registering people over the phone for classes. I need advice about headphones for cellphones.

The phone provided to me is a cell phone. I must type the registration information into the computer while I am getting the information from the caller. I was told to put the cell phone on speaker so that I can put the phone down in order to type with two hands. However, I don't want to do that because the caller has to provide me with their credit card number, and if I put in on speaker, there is a risk that passersby could hear the credit card number.

The phone is quite dated. I can't tell what brand/type it is. It has a small rectangular port for the charger, and two ports on either side of the charger port that are also rectangular, but are a bit larger. I would like a headphone that has a microphone. I'm looking for something clunky, cheap and dorky, kind of like this.

What type of headphones with microphone would I need to buy?
Would I just need to buy a male to female adapter to make the headphones fit the rectangular port on the cell phone?
After that, would I just need to plug the microphone into the phone and not have to do anything else to make it work? Like, once the microphone is plugged into the phone, will the phone automatically know what to do?
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I don’t think anyone’s going to be able to give you a solid answer without knowing the model of phone (or seeing a pic of the inputs).
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I think you are looking for a bluetooth headset, so that you can connect wirelessly. You probably want to get a set that that has a boom arm (to better pick up your voice).
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It would be hard to say with out seeing a picture of the exact phone. I use wired headphones with my newish galaxy phone and while it does mostly work I have found that different adapters work only with specific headphones so you might have to experiment. Also any controls on the headphones themselves might not work through the adapter.
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If the phone is dated, it may not have a bluetooth option. I'd bring it into a cell phone or electronic store and see if they recognize the model or have a headphone option.
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If it's an Android phone the general way to find information on the phone itself is in the settings, usually grouped under System settings, and then 'About Phone'. Secondly, you don't need a headphone with such a visible headset. But you do need earphones meant for mobiles. Those will come with its own mic.

Based on your description, are you sure there's no audio/headphone/3.5mm jack anywhere on the sides? The lack of one will coincide with the iPhone's doing away with that, so tht would make the phone not too old ime (assuming this is a typical Android). If so then it's even more straightforward in finding the right earphones for mobiles as ime the combo of USB-C connector and mic-enabled earphones narrows it down considerably -- you just need to be sure one of the ports is a USB-C one. It's rare to find a non-iphone without a headphone jack.
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