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QuickBooks Desktop is insisting I have to pay for a QuickBooks Online subscription, but I want to keep using the desktop version if I can. Can I? Even if I can, what is the best way to backup, so that I'm ready to switch to an alternative software if needed?

QuickBooks says soon I won't be able to "calculate payroll taxes, process payments, or download transactions from your bank."

I use QB for an all-volunteer organization with no payroll. The org uses other software to process payments. I don't download transactions from the bank, but I do import transactions into QB Desktop from a file every month. In other words, I don't use "Bank Feeds." I go to the File menu, select Utilities, then Import, then IIF Files.

The org's only purpose for QB is to track the debits and credits, and run reports. Will the desktop version really stop working for these purposes? Or will it only stop integrating with things we already don't use it to integrate with?

I want to make sure everything the org needs is backed up and ready to switch to another software just in case. I already back up the Company File regularly. Will I be able to open the Company File in other software? I feel like I should save Excel files or csv maybe, but what information specifically?
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There are two QuickBooks versions. QuickBooks Online and Quickbooks Desktop. Both are subscription (which sucks) but you can still keep using the desktop version you are used to with a desktop subscription.

This link shows you the subscription prices for various versions. Where you used to be able to spend $350 for several years of use, now you have to spend that every year. QuickBooks Online is marginally cheaper ($25/month - don't be fulled by the introductory price) but I've heard it's missing key features from the Desktop version.

I believe they turn off all the bank feeds/online services when the subscription expires and I've heard conflicting accounts about whether the whole program stops working when the subscription expires. Check out this discussion for more info.
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I believe you can continue to use the software as usual as you aren't using any of the features they are cutting off.

It sounds like your org could potentially get discounted Quickbooks through Techsoup, where they are still selling a non subscription version of the software, if you need to update it now or in the future. That's probably going to be your best bet to rather than sticking with an old version.
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