What animal did I just see? Fox? Coyote?
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I just encountered this animal this afternoon in update New York. Sickly fox? Coyote pup?
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Best answer: It's a fox with mange. The black fur on the back of the ears in the 2nd video is the most distinguishing feature that makes me sure it's a fox and not a coyote.
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Best answer: Yep, fox with mange. There are a lot of them in my local area and mange goes through the population like wildfire. Poor little things. If it's somewhere you go to regularly, you can treat it with medication that you can usually get from a vet, or with more natural remedies. Put it into PBJ sandwiches cut into small pieces and the foxes will take it (though you may have to monitor it to make sure other wildlife doesn't take meds not meant for them).

This case looks somewhat mild though, so hopefully the fox will be okay.
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Response by poster: Oh man, poor little guy.
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