roku remote to control monitor?
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Will the newer Roku remotes that can control a TV control my new HDMI monitor, specifically the sound level and turning it on/off?

I have been using a Roku Express from 2019 with a TV, but just bought a monitor (Dell S2721H) with dual HDMI inputs to use with both my laptop and the Roku. I am OK turning the monitor on and off and adjusting its sound using the buttons on the monitor, but it would be really nice to be able to use a remote so I can control it from my couch. I'm getting ads on Roku for a newer Roku remote that can control a TV....will that work with a monitor?
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Best answer: To be able to do that, a TV or monitor needs to have HDMI-CEC. A quick google search for your monitor and "HDMI-CEC" doesn't imply that it has that feature.
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Checking the manual of your monitor shows no ability to be remote controlled via IR or HDMI-CEC.
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