Family trip recommendations!
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We're going to Mexico! My family of 5 (two adults, three kids 7, 5 and 1) are FINALLY taking a vacation. First stop is XCaret for 5 days and later to Oaxaca for 8. We have a few things lined up for Oaxaca like a two day hike to Santiago Apoala, but what else should we not miss? A bit about us: we love hiking, kids don't complain and love the outdoors; we like great food and art and are very relaxed. I don't like to plan a lot, but my husband does. Thanks!
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If you love hiking, you should go up into the mountains above the City of Oaxaca to the Pueblos Mancomunados, where you can hike from town to town, rent cabins, etc. Be aware that it is quite high altitude, so it can be cold at night.

Monte Albán is worth a visit. Lots of good food and markets right in Oaxaca (definitely don't miss the Central de Abastos if you like markets). I also really enjoyed some of the small towns to the east of Oaxaca (Teotitlan, Mitla, Tlacolula) for weekly markets, weaving, archeology and just general walking around.
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Find a cenote to visit. They are very cool and refreshing. The one we went to had a little cafe where you could get sodas, coffee, tea, beer, micheladas and snacks.
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