What song does this remind me of?
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In Dispatch’s As Old As I, they sing “as old as I, as old as I, as old as I” starting for the first time around 0:23 in the link. This reminds me of another song, probably from the early 2000s and in my head the lyrics are just sound, like “da da dai, da da dai, da da dai” but with the same or similar melody. It’s on the top of my tongue but I can’t place the song! Any ideas?

I know is someone can answer this for me I will immediately be like OF COURSE THAT’S IT, but I can’t come up with it myself. Thanks!
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Response by poster: (And of course googling “da da dai song” is no help.)
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Best answer: It's not Simon and Garfunkle's "The Boxer" is it? Lai la lai, not da da dai, but that's what it made me think of.
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Best answer: Also came in to suggest The Boxer.
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Another Paul Simon guess is the "lie is a lie is a lie" part of Obvious Child. Neither that nor The Boxer is from the early 2000s, but you might have heard it then?
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Response by poster: YESSSS thank you, I was totally off on the early 2000s thing, maybe just because that’s when I associate Dispatch with so the time frame was in my head. Thanks to all of you!!
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By coincidence the radio started playing Foreigner's (C)old As I(ce) while I was reading this!
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