What is the most charming beach town you've ever been to in Mexico?
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We are looking to rent a place in a picturesque coastal town where there are no cruise ships or high rises or big-name resorts. What are your hidden-gems recommendations?

Looking to rent a bungalow for a month and would love a town that's charming and pretty, and right by the ocean. We speak a bit of Spanish and don't mind a place that's pretty far off the beaten path -- however we'd like to stay out of any areas where tourists should avoid right now. (We've been to Todos Santos already.) Thank you!
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Best answer: Yelapa.
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Best answer: Puerto Escondido
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Best answer: I'm not sure if charming is quite the word for it, but Sayulita is a fun town. No high rises nor cruise ships. Tourists have definitely discovered it, but it's still smallish.
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Best answer: San Blas.

[Edit: also, Santa Rosalia isn't really what I'd call a beach town. But, it's overwhelmingly charming and has beaches nearby. Second edit: the one in Baja Sur.]
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(Note that San Blas does have significant tourism and is famous as a surfer destination. Most of it was people from within the country, at least the last time I was there. It certainly didn't feel like a spring-break resort.)
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Best answer: Check out the Oaxaca coast east of Puerto Escondido. Depends on what vibe you’re looking for, but I personally like Mazunte and Crucecita.
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Best answer: Another vote for the Oaxaca coast, esp. Mazunte and its next-door neighbor San Agustinillo
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Best answer: Loreto in Baja
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