Soothing the ailing wounds in Denver?
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My 2-year relationship just ended(?) last night, and so I'm flying out to Denver to spend Easter with my family. Any suggestions for good, take-your-mind off of things to do in Denver Friday or Saturday?

With out going in to to much detail, a relationship we both thought was going to last the rest of our lives at one point had been going sour for lots of reasons over the past 6 months. Niether she nor I were happy anymore, so she's moving out and honestly, it's a relief. We both need a break from each other.

I need some support, confort, and time away from the situation, so I got a good deal on tickets to Denver for the weekend, arriving tomorrow morning and flying out Sunday afternoon.

I'm thinking a trip to the mountains may be in order, but I have no idea what the conditions are right now. I'll be staying in the Washington Park area, so any suggestions for good shows, clubs, events, etc downtown would be great.

What suggestions does everyone have for things to do in Denver or the surrounding area this weekend?
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I grew up out there, but haven't been back in years, so I can only offer a few broad suggestions. I think it's too early in the season to catch a concert at Red Rocks amphitheater, but you should be able to go to the park up there anyway (weather permitting). And if you're into music, Wax Trax is one of the greatest record stores on the planet.
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Oh, and The Tattered Cover is one of the all-time great bookstores -- I could browse in there for days, if given half a chance.
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Hey, I just drove out to Colorado 2 weeks ago when my supposed long term relationship went to pieces. If you have access to a vehicle and don't mind the drive - I would suggest Garden of the Gods, a bit farter south and you can get to the Royal Gorge . Walking across that bridge 1500 feet above a river may help. Also if you can stop a bit in Co Springs I much highly recommend the Book Broker.
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The Rockies and Nuggets both have games at home this weekend.
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The Denver Botanical Gardens are nearby. The Mt Goliath trail on the Mt Evans scenic route seems cool, take a warm jacket.
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I'll second the recommendation on the Rockies. I made it to Coors Field several years ago and found it to be a beautiful ballpark. Plenty of microbrews available at the concessions, too -- I recommend the Rightfield Red. Good luck!
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I'm in Denver now! If you were coming next Thursday I'd tell you to come to our show (or at least the dress rehearsal on Wednesday).

16th Street is full of malls, and is quite a nice walking spot anyway. There's a free shuttle that goes up and down the street.

Boulder's also a good place - great atmosphere, random events (street magicians, buskers, etc), interesting shops.

Hope you're feeling better.
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Definitely visit Boulder. Pearl Street Mall is cool, as is the drive up Boulder Canyon.

Rocky Mountain National Park is gorgeous and about 1 1/2 hours from Denver. Also consider driving up Mount Evans - it's over 14000 feet, and you can drive all the way to the summit.

You can head out to Golden to tour the Coors brewery, if that's your thing, or head across the street to the Colorado Railroad Museum.

In Denver itself, I'd second the Tattered Cover recommendation. Best book store in the world.

And there's no better "take my mind off everything" place in Denver than Casa Bonita.
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Even with the beautiful weather we've been having, I'm pretty sure Mt Evans isn't open to the summit yet.

I did spend some time in the higher foothills (Mt Falcon to be exact) last weekend and other than a little mud on the trails, it's beautiful up there. All of the Jefferson County, Douglas County and Denver Mountain Parks are clear of snow and would make a great place to spend a day clearing your mind.

If you don't want to go that far, a trip to Red Rocks Park would be a suitable substitute.
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I suggest you just spend a lot of time with your family. Their support will likely be more helpful than some sort of distraction like bars or the outdoors, unless of course some of them are going to go with you. If this relationship was important enough you will be going through the stages of grief (denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance). Who better to support you through at least the first couple of stages?
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The Tattered Cover and the Mayan Theater were godsends for me when I lived in Denver. I never went there, but the Celestial Seasonings plant is right outside of Boulder and you can take tours.
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