Music for Goblins?
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What music sounds most to you as if it were written/performed by/for goblins?

Prompted by this Charlie Higson cartoon (and perhaps this comment too), what's your most gleefully chaotic mischief-making music?

(So far, all I've come up with are Romceasca and Babayaga, both by A Hawk and a Hacksaw.)
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The Cardiacs
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I'm tainted, but the music featuring goblins in 'Labyrinth' (1986).
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Satan said dance?
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The Gnome from Emerson, Lake, and Palmer’s Pictures at an Exhibition.
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Maybe Magma?
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Hans Reichel?
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For me, In the Hall of the Mountain King.
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Goblin, of course.
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What a fun question!

Lots of gothy dance music comes to mind, but this very catchy song from And One especially feels like you’re being serenaded by a goblin, and maybe the goblin is jabbing you in the butt with a pitchfork while he sings.
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it's like snake jazz, but fewer scales.
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Mr Bungle.
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"Singapore" by Tom Waits
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I think some kind of grindcore, like AxCx but cute.
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Edvard Grieg's Elfentanz, although I guess technically it's written for elves.
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Most Danny Elfman soundtracks.
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The Hobo Goblins! AKA Thee Hobo Gobbelins . Sadly seem to be defunct, but what's left is still great :)
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Thee Goblins.
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No question. Tom Waits, *Bone Machine* (the whole album). Just look at the cover art if you don't believe me.
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Man Man! Especially their first album The Man in a Blue Turban with a Face and then from 2011 Life Fantastic.
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Anything by Stump, e.g. Boggy Home.
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EM Forster on the third movement of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony: '"No; look out for the part where you think you have done with the goblins and they come back," breathed Helen, as the music started with a goblin walking quietly over the universe, from end to end. Others followed him. They were not aggressive creatures; it was that that made them so terrible to Helen. They merely observed in passing that there was no such thing as splendour or heroism in the world. After the interlude of elephants dancing, they returned and made the observation for the second time"'. More of the text here.
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Jad Fair - "Greater Expectations"

"skrinky skronky skree skraw" (from the comic linked in the post) comes pretty close.
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Black Midi, especially bmbmbm. But also pretty much anything from that music scene which sometimes (jokingly) gets referred to as "gremlin-core."
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Anything by Caroliner (e.g.)
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The Residents have a lot of gleefully chaotic songs, like Birthday Boy, Moisture, Mr. Bee’s Bumble, Constantinople, and God Song.
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Sorry, but the main answer to this is in the hall of the goblin king from peer gent.
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Bogeyman Boogie by Dr. Steel is very similar to your examples!
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I always associate Caravan Palace with goblins. Blame World of Warcraft.

Still, Lone Digger works on all levels in my opinion. Otherwise I'd look into electroswing as a genre.
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The hidden track at the end of Second Coming by the Stone Roses, generally known as "Foz".
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Response by poster: Thank you! Keep 'em coming, 'cos these are great!

I already have an alarming number of these in my music collection already: Hans Reichel, Caravan Palace, Jad Fair, Marc-André Hamelin, Stump, Ween ... even Caroliner*! Maybe I'm the (oversized) goblin after all?

The older Lunatic Cartoon Crazy-making Music thread I guess has some overlap too.

*: more than once, and not by accident, either.
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muddgirl already mentioned Man Man; I'd point to their song "Young Einstein on the Beach" in particular.
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How do you feel about Orcs?
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Yes — Five Percent for Nothing, a brief bit of weirdly good space alien mayhem written to piss off the band's ex-manager
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The Stranglers: 'Waltz in Black'.
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