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(Songfilter) -- I never thought of using askme for this purpose, but I've seen it lately as such. And, let me just now that it's tough. But, I heard a great song at, off all places, when I was at a taping of the Daily Show. All I can remember was that it seemed like a mix of New Age + R&B. And the only lyric I can remember is "in the backseat" (it was part of the chorus). Anyone know what song or band it could it be?

Stewart was really getting into it. And, I would have remembered more of it, but I was just too psyched to be there. If, by crazier chance, anyone was at the taping of the Anthony Hopkins episode, that's the one I was at too. Ok, I'm not expecting anything from this question, but I figured it couldn't hurt to ask. Thanks.
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Gwen Stefani, Bubble Pop Electric.
posted by raf at 5:18 PM on April 13, 2006

Wow -- thanks raf -- that was fast -- but it was a male singer (I think) and that was not the song.

You got further (I'd assume using google) than I could to even get such words in the chorus than I did though. That's just amazing.
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Aww. No, I had the exact same experience a week or so ago -- heard it wandering around during the weekend and remembered a few words to google. Oh well.
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Oh, and note there's a few male parts in the Gwen Stefani song; you might listen to the 30-second-preview on iTunes or Amazon to be sure it's not the same thing.
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I'm going to guess that it was the Scissor Sisters "Lovers in the Backseat".

It fits your criteria: male singer, pseudo-R&B/New Age sound, "in the backseat" is part of the chorus.
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Arcade Fire has a song about liking to sit in the backseat. A girl sings it, but New Age and R & B isn't too too far off from the tone of that song.

I feel possessed's guess seems more accurate.
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More evidence in favor of Scissor Sisters, if any of these seem familiar:

- sounds like David Bowie circa early 80s
- two-part male harmony in places
- lush, soupy production
- lots of 7th and 9th chords; minor key; chords in chorus follow a descending pattern
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30 second mp3 clip of Scissor Sisters "Lovers in the Backseat".
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Could also be N.E.R.D. - Backseat Love from Fly or Die.

So we start walking, and holding hands
But she don't know, that daddy got plans
I'm gon' get her, in my car
In the backseat, show her a rock star
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Maybe The Killers' "Midnight Show"? It goes, "Drive faster, oh-oh-ohhhhhh".

It says "in the backseat" a couple times, and it's pretty popular. I would characterize the band as Brit-style 80s pop written by a 2000s band from Las Vegas.
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A girl sings it, but New Age and R & B isn't too too far off from the tone of that song.

Yes it is.
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And the song is called "In the Backseat," and it's the first thing that came to mind, but it'd be hard to come up with a less appropriate description than the one given here, so I didn't suggest it.
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Thanks all but it still is not it. I might completely be missing something in the song but I even remembered to remember "in the backseat" for googling purposes so I am not sure. At any rate, I'm still surprised how often that phrase comes up in song at this point and how awesome Askme is for threads like this one!
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A girl sings it, but New Age and R & B isn't too too far off from the tone of that song.

Yes it is.

Agreed. My ear is a sad instrument.
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Well, in terms of ancillary benefits, Arcade Fire's "In the Backseat" is in fact a really amazingly good song.
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OK - LL Cool J has a song titled "Back Seat".

Also, Brian McKnight - Back Seat (Gettin' Down)
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I'm going to suggest William DeVaughn's "Be Thankful For What You Got", preview clip here. There is no back "seat" in the lyrics, but much talk of the backs of cars with some soundalikes and the style description fits.
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