Presenting content to multiple devices
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How can I make presentations of a slide deck to a small group, when constraints specific to our organization make a projector/screen set-up unfeasible?

The fantasy scenario would be to AirPlay a powerpoint presentation to either people's own devices or maybe iPad minis we hand out, but apparently you can't stream video to multiple devices, only audio. What are my other options?
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You could have the presentation shared on a Teams or Zoom call and have people join it with their devices (but not audio) to see it.
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Yeah, I would use a meeting platform. Or have your slides printed as posters.
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If a meeting platform is not an option, you could import your slides to Google slides and send a link so they can see the slides in a browser. Or send pdfs. I’d still use zoom or similar if possible so you can go to the next slide for everyone.
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Could you just e-mail the deck to everyone? Or post it online and send everyone a link to a viewer?
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Zoom in the room is something we've done lately (usually to accommodate remote people, but it needn't be.)
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Rave is an app that lets you play YouTube videos in sync on multiple devices. You could control from yours and not include audio.

Watch2gether is similar but it’s a website and less mobile-friendly.
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Best answer: I just had to do this for my undergraduates today when the projector unexpectedly broke down. I have a that points to a Google slides document dedicated for that class. I wrote the url on the whiteboard, everyone took out their laptops/tablets and opened up the Google slides doc. I told them when I moved to the next slide and specified the slide number. They have to advance the slides on their own, but it's a super easy solution.
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