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My son will be getting married in Chelsea in the fall. My brother wants to drive to NYC for the wedding (himself, sister-in-law, adult niece, and service dog). The hotel my son booked for the wedding has no parking (of course). Nearest parking is $60/day. Does my brother have any options?

For instance, is there secure long-term parking outside of Manhattan (Jersey?) where he could leave the car?

Alternately, what if he stayed in Jersey and took a ride share to the wedding? What would a ride share cost?
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You can try Staten Island or search on Spacer. They're usually per month so the real question is how long will you be staying there and can you leave your things in the car or will you be going back to it? Keep in mind people commute between Manhattan and Staten Island daily so it isn't a big deal but it will probably seem like a long haul if you're not familiar with the city and you're carrying a lot of things.
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Park in the economy lot at one of the airports and travel in to the city. It's a fraction of the cost you're being quoted, and your car is reasonably safe.
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Take a look at a site like Icon Parking to get a sense of what parking in a nearby garage might cost - it might be cheaper than you think and definitely more convenient than schlepping to and from New Jersey if you aren't staying there.
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Where are they coming from originally? Service dogs are allowed on Amtrak. The train might be nicer than driving.
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You can park at Newark airport (~$20/day) and take Amtrak or NJ Transit trains from the airport to Newark Penn Station. Or, park near Newark Penn Station (parking about the same as EWR, just that the airport is closer to I-95). Then, there are multiple trains to NY Penn Station/34th St. which is just north of Chelsea.
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Best answer: Even if it's booked far in advance on a parking app or website, a garage in that part of the city will end up costing roughly $50/day minimum.

Newark Airport long-term parking can be $15-$20/day if it's booked well in advance. An Uber or Lyft from there to Manhattan (they both require drivers to accept service dogs) could be anywhere from $50 to $100 depending on the time of day. They could take the train into the city from the airport, but this may be too much of a hassle for them since it requires making a couple of transfers.

Another option is for them to stay at a hotel in Jersey City / Newport that has parking. Hotel parking costs in Jersey City / Newport will be around $25-$30/day and the hotel itself could be a bit cheaper than Manhattan. An Uber or Lyft from there would be around $30-$50 depending on time of day.

I'm aware public transport may not be viable for them, especially on the wedding day, but if the idea is to save money I should mention that a hotel in Jersey City / Newport could be very close to a PATH station (such as the Courtyard by Marriott Jersey City). It's quite easy to get into Manhattan on the PATH, even for folks who aren't accustomed to public transport. The 14th St. or 23rd St. stops in Chelsea may even be close to the wedding venue.
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Another option is to do some research on alternate side parking and street cleaning schedules. Find a good neighborhood near a train station that has a train line that goes to your hotel and see if your travel times would coincide with leaving the car in one spot for several days and then take the train or uber/lyft. If you drive in during a weekday when people are at work and it's a residential neighborhood, you should be able to find a spot. If you arrive at night after everyone got home you might have to drive around for a while looking for parking.

I've done this many times in sheepshead bay/neck road and got a taxi to JFK and left the car for several days. Don't leave ANYTHING in the car just in case, but I never had a problem.
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How long will they be in town for? If it's just a couple of days then the cheapest option is for someone to budget an hour or two into looking for street parking near the hotel. Street cleaning happens twice a week on most streets, each side has signs noting when parking is not allowed so you can grab a spot that's good for 2-3 days if you pay attention. Free parking will probably be easier to find west of 9th Ave or north of 59th.

A warning about leaving the car in New Jersey - cab drivers really, really do not like driving between NYC and NJ! Local car service companies would be my go to over the ride share apps in this situation so you could do a little research to see if it's viable. Using the NJ Transit trains, ferry or PATH to get across the river is doable but time of day is going to affect frequency and what routes are running.
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Agree with fox problems - while it can feel daunting as an outsider to navigate on-street parking in nyc, it is feasible and with the menagerie described it is preferable (ie you don’t want to be trying to get a dog from staten island to Chelsea on public transportation as a visitor). Keep the faith, read the signs, store up karma points - this can be done. AND if you are hedging your bets, you don’t need to look as far as New Jersey - try tribeca, even try Brooklyn heights before you throw in the towel. There are - and will be - street parking spots that will be good for a week if you find the right one. AND despite prevailing views about New Yorkers most of us are genuinely helpful people - if you have any doubt just ask someone, they will be eager to guide you.
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I'm not recommending the "park in NJ option", but I point out there is off-airport parking near all the NYC area airports that is cheaper than airport long term parking. Also, Path and NJ transit give you a lot of options for rail transportation, so for example, you could park near the Newark train station.
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Spothero is another site to check. Don't know your son's dates or budget, but right now it's showing $30 for e.g. 24 hours starting tomorrow at 4 p.m., around 20th and Seventh.
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