Need business stationery
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Where's a decent place to order business stationery?

I basically want business envelopes and letterhead on thick paper with a distinctive color. I have TIFFs already of the logos.

I realize I can easily Google to find a print shop, so what I'm looking for is more on the order of recommendations from anyone that's used such a place. Bonus points for a place that lets me upload the artwork. There's no local places where I live (I'm on satellite internet if that says anything). I'm in the south U.S. and this is just a small-time order (like 500-1000).
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I have some experience with Fine Arts Engraving. They are stellar. Their engraved work is among the best I've seen, and their thermography and print is truly above-par.
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DO NOT use No matter how great the discount, or how good your proofs look online.

They are printed at stores like OfficeMax and end up looking TERRIBLE. And then it is nearly impossible to get a refund.
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I used for some business cards and they did a great job using uploaded artwork.

They called me a few days after I received my order to see what I thought of the job. I chatted with the person about their biz and she said it was a great place to work and that the owner is right in there working with everyone shoulder-to-shoulder. I was impressed.
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