Phonebook Backup
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How can I back up all my contacts from my Nokia 6230, and put them onto my Sony Ericsson W810i?
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You can use Bluetooth or a cable to grab them or export them as an aggregate vCard and then import that with the SE software. I can't be specific since I've never used those models, but I know I've done it with the superVcard Series60/Symbian application on my 6620 -> Motorola Phone Tools on my V330, as well as importing from a T68i to that 6620 originally.
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Just save the contacts from your 6230 to your SIM card, then pop the SIM into the W810i.
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GSM, right? copy your contacts to your SIM card and then back off. or just leave them on your SIM card. will probably mangle your contacts a bit (SIM cards only know to store basic information). alternatively, if you have a Mac, you could use iSync to sync them to your computer.
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