What are fun things to do in Isle of Palms/Charleston, South Carolina?
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Going on vacation there, never spent any time there before.

We will be there for a week in late May. We like outdoor activities, art, nature, history.

Would also love to know about places to swim/paddle in the ocean; bookstores; live baseball; music; food
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A lot of suggestions were compiled in my Ask late last year:


Walking tours, breweries, gardens, museums. A good mix.
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We enjoyed the schooner tour
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speaking of Charleston:

Charleston Riverdogs is a baseball team owned by Bill Murray is a ton of fun with great food

There's really one bookstore in Charleston, Blue Bicycle Books the area it is on is the top place for food and drinks.

Live music isn't great, but maybe check your favorite band, they might be in that week.

Xaio Xao Biscuit is my favorite restaurant, great especially if you don't have fancy asian food in your town.

Charleston is kind of a hike to Isle of Palms (40-50 minutes) so you probably want to be choosy. If i were you I'd do a full day there with a walk around historic district, bookstore, early dinner at XBB and finish with a game at the river dogs.
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Late May is a great time to visit! mr_bovis' thread linked above is a good place to start. A few other ideas specific to your interests:

Art: the Halsey Institute, on the College of Charleston campus, is free and has a couple of cool exhibits opening in mid-May. It's a small gallery -- a half hour would be plenty -- and right downtown.

Art/music: late May/early June is when the Spoleto Festival USA happens, and so there are over a hundred world-class events happening all over the city. Tickets for a lot of events are already going quickly. The city also runs its own festival-within-a-festival called Piccolo Spoleto, which is mostly local or smaller, lesser-known performers, many of which are quite good and are often cheaper-to-free.

Live baseball: the River Dogs are the local minor league team. They're pretty good -- come for the baseball, stay for the grotesque-but-delicious stadium food, including a footlong hotdog called the Homewrecker and the Man Salad, which...well, read for yourself.

If you're staying on IOP, you've got easy access to a nice swimmable/paddlable stretch of beach. Nearby is Sullivan's Island, which is less built up and touristy.

So, so much good food that it's hard to know where to begin. Eater's list is a good selection of high- and low-brow, traditional and new. +1 to sandmanwv's recommendation of Xiao Bao Biscuit. I'm also a big fan of the Grocery if you're feeling spendy. Obstinate Daughter is on Sullivan's (closer to IOP than anything else on the list) and quite nice.
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- Rodney Scott's BBQ, if you eat pork. I am still haunted by the barbecue I had from his previous location in Hemingway, SC.
- The oldest liquor store in the country (1686). I was treated to a long digression from the English shopkeeper about how miserable SC's and NC's liquor laws are, then a man from the upstate taught me how to shoot moonshine the right way.
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The Obstinate Daughter is an amazing fancy seafood place right on IOP
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We did a lot with a strong history focus.
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