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I listen some to Radio Paradise's World/Eclectic mix, but I'm looking for other free, streaming, radio stations that exclusively play a curated mix of world music. I find lots of stations devoted to a particular country or style, but haven't found the kind of mix stations I'm looking for. I'm not interested in what I'll call 'fusion' world music, by which I mean traditional music of a culture that has been heavily interpreted to include pop influences, or heavy rhythms, etc.
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Have you explored the world of Radiooooo?
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It's hard to get curated music classified as "world music" that isn't heavily interpreted to appeal to the very people who call it "world music". To the people who are from those places where the music comes from, it's just "music". is a good start. Maybe will get good results, too.
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Response by poster: Thank you, Mumkin and 2N2222. I have now looked at both Radiooooo and Both are very interesting, but neither seems to include what I'm looking for. Frankly, I thought there would be lots of options for stations that would play a mix of traditional music from all over the world in the same set. The Global Celebration and the Global Meditation 4 volume sets of CD's do just that, so I thought there would be a market for similar radio stations.
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Best answer: You might find something you like at RootsWorld Radio.
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This isn't 100% world music, but WVFS Tallahassee, a student-run radio station at Florida State University has, in my opinion, a very good world music show on Sundays, from 16:00 - 18:00 in the Eastern time zone (UTC-4 right now, UTC-5 for Standard time) of North America.
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Best answer: radio shows are tagged by style and genre, and the DJs selections are entertaining and knowledgable, and the search function works great. Many of the world music oriented episodes focus on specific themes. Death is Not the End is one of my favorties, but there are many deep dives throughout.
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Response by poster: Thank you conrad53 and bendybendy - RootsWorldRadio and NTS are a whole new world to me - deep and rich.
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