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People of New York City and environs: where do you go in the City for lighting?

I’m talking about fixtures and chandeliers, not floor or desk lamps. I need every single fixture in my apartment outfitted, so I’m looking for someplace that carries a wide range of stuff for every room. I know about all the places in the design center on 58th and Third, but that stuff is super crazy high end and I’m looking for something a bit more mid-priced (and also a little more swank than Home Depot). Thanks!
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There’s a cluster of places on the Bowery, in the Lower East Side. I don’t know whether one’s better than another, but just search “Bowery lighting” on Google maps and the cluster will show up, and then you can go shop at all of them on the same trip.
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2nding the bowery in LES... it's below houston, and mostly above delancey, but there are a few other places on Bowery below Delancey as well.
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Unfortunately many of the best Bowery places closed down due to COVID. Most of the good midrange stuff is easiest to find online has a very wide selection and a good enough return policy that you can send back what you don't like. West Elm has some good pendant fixtures that look much more expensive than they are.
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Actually I've found that Ikea has some surprisingly nice light fixtures that look much more interesting in design than a Home Depot. (Red Hook, Queens, Elizabeth) Here's an example.
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