Tiptoe through the tulip festival
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We're looking at going to the Tulip Festival in Skagit Valley. To avoid problems, I'm looking for advice from others who have been before, such as: 1) is it worth it to buy tickets in advance (is the wait long); 2) which of the three farms to visit; 3) other things to know before going (for instance: what is traffic like, generally, which makes one time better than another to go).

We're driving up from Seattle along I-5 N, up to Mount Vernon, if it matters.

We're looking at going this Saturday (April 16, 2022).

Thanks for advice from those who have been!
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Given that it's Easter weekend that Saturday will undoubtedly be one of the the busiest day of the festival--if not the busiest. Traffic will be very challenging. I would definitely try to buy tickets in advance to whatever gardens you end up wanting to visit.

The best times to go are Monday through Thursday mid-mornings. That's when I always went back in my photography days. Having said that don't put off a visit too long since this weekend will be slightly past the peak bloom (or so I have heard.)
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Yep, this weekend will be pretty crowded, so just prepare for it and bring your patience and good manners.* Purchasing tickets in advance couldn't hurt, but you may still have to wait in line for them to scan them. I've been to Tuliptown and Roozengaard, and of those two, Roozengaard is my pick. They have a bigger garden area with designed floral displays than Tuliptown (and maybe a little more space to spread out?). Tuliptown seemed more kid-friendly, and has concessions like food and drinks. Both have large areas of tulip rows in the fields, though, so you really can't go wrong with either. Wear boots or shoes you don't mind getting a little muddy!

Some of the places have hours reserved for photographers who purchase a special permit, usually like an hour after opening and before closing, so just check the websites for any stuff like that.

*(I am sure you have good manners, but I am salty from recently visiting the daffodils, and saw way too many people going IN the rows of flowers for that perfect instagram shot despite numerous signs saying not to walk in the rows, people with no spatial awareness wandering into other people's pictures, and a couple with a baby loudly and repeatedly face-timing with the grandparents the whole time instead of just. enjoying. the. views. So, you know, we should all just try to be considerate of each other.)

Have fun and enjoy!
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Hello from Anacortes! Be prepared for a lot of slow, stop-and-go traffic. Please be respectful of all signage, and unless it is explicitly posted, best to assume that the fields are NOT open for walking. Tickets are only necessary if you want to visit the participating gardens; if you just want to drive along the roads and look at the fields, the only cost is gas and a lot of patience. If you decide to pull off the road and park, be VERY aware of the shoulder (or no shoulder). The shoulders along many of the roads are narrow and soft, and directly adjacent to large irrigation ditches. Have I mentioned the traffic?
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