Invalid SSN on reciepts submitted for Flexible Spending Reimbursement.
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I paid a childcare provider cash last year. They gave us an invoice I could use to get reimbursed from my flexible spending account (this is in the US), which included their SSN (required on the invoice for reimbursement). All good. But it looks like they gave me an invalid SSN (last four digits are zero), which I never noticed until I was going through my pile of tax documents this year. I assume they were just masking the last four digits (fair enough!)

This was for less than $750 total. We didn't use these payments/invoices in anyway on our actual tax returns (we didn't qualify for the childcare credit etc.). We were reimbursed through the Flexible Spending Program just fine. We no longer work with this childcare provider and I believe they have since moved / changed their phone number.

Two questions:
- Do receipts for Flexible Spending reimbursement end up at the IRS? I would assume not and they are just held by the Flexible Spending Plan administrator.
- Reimbursement occurred over a year ago. I assume the Flexible Spending Plan administrator will reach out if there is an issue and I'm probably ok to just wait and see in the unlikely event they come back. I have had expenses rejected for requiring more information before, so the fact they accepted these I am assuming means we had enough data on them for it to be ok to pass for reimbursement
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