Need a pool on the Eastside, stat.
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Seattle Eastside swimmers unite! I'm moving to Sammamish, working in Redmond, and I need access to a lap swimming pool for workouts. Someone throw me a life ring?

Health clubs, high schools, whatever. It needs to be open to the public, preferably with a wide range of hours. It can have a cost, like a health club, but shouldn't be terribly expensive. Obviously, it needs to be big enough to, you know, swim laps.

But the No. 1 priority is that it's not crowded. I can't stand sharing a lane with more than one person, circle pattern be damned.

Whaddya got for me?
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I swim twice a week in the Bellevue Bally's. I usually either get a lane to myself, or just split it with someone else.

Only two real lanes though.
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YMCA Family Center on Bel-Red Road. Nice facility.
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I take my grandson to the parent toddler swim class at the Redmond Hartman pool. There usually seem to be lap swimmers there. It's a nice place!

Located across the street from Redmond High School on 104th street.
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Bellevue Aquatic Center is fairly low-key, cheap and very nice. That picture does not do it justice; that pic doesn't even look like the pool at all. It's right by where I went to middle school, and it's in your general area.
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Gold's Gym in Sammamish (at the end of 520) has a good lap pool.
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You aren't perchance relocating to work for Microsoft, are you? Because I notice your current location in your profile is SoCal, you have some posts of a technical nature re: computers, and well... "work in Redmond" doesn't have to mean Microsoft but it's a decent chance...

If that is the case, you may not be aware that you will automatically get (basically) free membership to the Pro Club in Redmond, which is a walkable few blocks from the MS campus(es). I'd never used them for their aquatics although they have several pools, so I can't speak to the "not crowded" part- but the price can't be beat. If you opt not to join the pro sports club, you get something like $600 or maybe it's $1000 or something in that range to apply to membership at any other club you want.
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Notes about ProClub...

I was a Microsoft intern in the summer of 2003. We had (free) access to the Pro Club, so that was very nice. It is not walking distance, or is at least not a fun walk, since one has to walk along and across a few big streets to get there. But the ProClub is very nice. Great locker-room facilities, and the pools are grand. There are a bunch and they're kept at different temperatures even.

It does get busy at prime times. But I often swam in my own lane or shared a lane with one person, even in the evenings after work. If you're at MSFT, it's free and is probably a good choice, even with your aversion to circle-swimming.

You will notice that approximately 75% of the patrons of the ProClub work out in various flavors of freebie MSFT tshirts. Lots of "Excel 2002 launch party!" and " is in the hizzouse, yo!!" Don't know if this will bother you, but it seemed very insular and kinda trippy to me.
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More notes about the Pro Club: you will only wind up circle swimming if the multi-purpose pool not available for lap swimming. You can check the multi-purpose pool schedule here [pdf]. I prefer swimming at lunch to swimming after work. Swimming early in the am is probably ok too.
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But yeah, if you have to pay for the Pro Club yourself, you will go bankrupt. It has a 1k+ initiation fee and $100/mo fees (excluding tennis).
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Thanks for the advice. Unfortunately, I'm not working at MSFT, so no free access to the ProClub (which I hear is very sweet). I could pay for it myself, but hopefully there are other options to explore.

Not to derail my own thread ... my issue with circle-swimming is purely one of pacing. I can't (yet) keep up with advanced swimmers and need to take 1 minute rests here and there, and then I get self-conscious about how I might be ruining someone else's workout.
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